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Monday, 14 January 2013

The failure in the government proposal for population increase

To the attention of Mr Ali Khamenei just to let you know that as far as I can I do listen to what is said by you and your appointed president and that I will do so in the future. Whatever you two say gives one a sense of ecstasy !!, a feeling one has after taking cocaine which helps you to see your ruined everyday life like a false dream which makes you imagine for a few moments that everything is in order and there is nothing wrong with your life, or else your whole life is fake and a nightmare caused by the enemy, but sometimes although failing to comprehend what you say as I do fail to find anything comprehensiblein them I think it is necessary to offer my advices on them especially as always you just mentioned that the regime you are ruling, ‘ The Islamic Republic’ is a democratic one, so I will give my guidelines thereof.


  I remember the day you emphatically insisted on population increase which was timely to say so and that you said people, ‘Your Subjects,!!!!!!’, should ignore the current situation of not having their daily bread on the table and not take it seriously and that the fact of having, ‘ nothing to eat’ should not discourage people from having or rather producing too many children for you, but it has been for a while that my mind has been preoccupied by a problem. I doubt it whether your proposition to increase population is possible with the current state of affairs of Iran. You should not think that in displaying these photos I am being sarcastic or else my words are being ironic. The photos on this post have been selected accidentally and I believe that the point made by you to increase people this year would lead nowhere and it is wise for people not to land themselves in expenses unwanted so that they should not create economic and mental problems for themselves and fall under heavy financial burdens. There are births every day and as the grow painstakingly by their families, these children perish at the hands of, ‘your government’ or ‘devoted unknown soldiers’!!!!, oh, no, by the interference of a ‘divine hand’ or by accidents or else by human folly, or upon growth they are the victims of incredible crimes which would land them in prison for a long time, especially the prime time of their lives. However, it has been for some years since, ‘Your Excellency’!!, has assumed the leadership of this people, with the, ‘Angel of death’ interfering these long years seem to be quite short and that for those who perish in Iran for many unknown reasons, the blame should fall upon your government and regime and on a daily basis the accusation would fall on your aides who never seem to respond to these accusations, and what follows is the press conferences on TV, and promises of investigations. These all make up the common daily life of my nation , the other days of course include hangings, prosecutions, strikes and the fall of a dependent who has been detained only for a few days though simply as a suspect rather than a professional criminal or a gun man even though gun men move freely everywhere in cities and for you the major threat is the poor hard working person who attempted to write a few lines on his computer.
Your biggest luck lies in the fact that our people tend to forget things which results from the fact they are involved and harassed by the cares of their daily life which makes them forget these events so soon. The large number of road accidents, the coach carrying school girls to ex-battle grounds known as Rahiane Noor, and tens of these girls who lost their life which happened recurrently, the prosecution of prisoners in all major or small cities the unreasonable and dubious death of university professors in detention, the blogger who loses his life while he is kept as a suspect under torture. Again the train accident which ended in tens of people losing their life. I do believe that it takes a person only to study as far as secondary school to know how painful and difficult it is for a father or mother to raise a child, years of struggle to bring up a child, so that in the future they would take pride in seeing those children but you turn this hope into dust simply in a matter of seconds. Not even for once you tried to find the guilty person and in brave manner take full responsibility.
 It is better not to shed tears with these foolish ideas of population increase and to spend time preaching rather to spend a little time observing the news and all that is happening in our country taking full responsibility.
Write: M.Z  فریاد
Translate by : Reza Heydar


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